Welcome to JoAnns World.Hi there. I’m JoAnn and welcome to my world. I have the great fortune of living in the beautiful state of Montana and in an amazing country. I’m also a mother of two grown kids and a grandmother.

I have a great thirst for knowledge and love learning about new things. I’ve always considered the fact that I’m knowledgeable about a lot of different things a strength. It’s allowed me the ability to grow, bend, and change when circumstances have dictated it, especially in economic slumps.

Before moving to Montana, except for my stint in the US Army, the longest I’d worked at one place was about a year. My average stay at a job was about 7 months. As soon as a job became routine, I’d get bored and move on; on to a new challenge and something new to learn. I’ve worked or volunteered for 32 separate entities, sometimes working 2 or 3 jobs at a time.

I’ve lived in many states – California, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kentucky, South Carolina, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Montana – and West Germany. I enjoyed living in West Germany, but my time there helped me to greatly appreciate home, the United States, and the sacrifices that have been made for our way of life.

I wanted to blog for a couple of reasons. First, I was pushing the benefits of blogging for the company I work for and needed to learn and understand what blogging entailed. Second, I’ve been writing down thoughts and ideas to write about for years and had always wanted to share those thoughts.

So, again, welcome to my world. I’m not sure what you’ll find here, but you can be sure that it will evolve. ; }