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It’s Time to Clean Out the Pantry

My cluttered life and mind in my pantry.

Yes, this is my pantry. There are bits and pieces of my life scattered and stored on the shelves. There’s a sewing machine and a few sewing supplies, some craft supplies, yarns and baskets, office supplies, a foot soaker, picture frames, wrapping paper, a couple of kites, paint, glue, cleaning supplies, games, paper towels and TP, stuff for the motor home, a couple of old badmitten rackets, extension cords, cook books, cards, light bulbs, photos, an extra chair, folding tables and chairs, a little bit of food, and more miscellaneous stuff.

My pantry is also indicative of my life, cluttered. Normally, when you think of clutter, you think of stuff scattered all over the house. Though my house isn’t strewn with stuff, my clutter includes days that are cluttered with job-related tasks and to dos versus household responsibilities that I should get to, my sleep is interrupted with the same as well as what I should be doing on social media, my emotions are cluttered with worry about my kids and grandkids, my closets are full of clothes and shoes that are either too small or that I don’t wear, and my basement is full of the things I’d like to do more of.

There are times that I look around and can’t move because of the weight of all the clutter, especially the clutter in my mind. I literally feel paralyzed. Underneath all that weight, I don’t take time to take care of my own health or weight.

It’s sad that the things I enjoy doing – sewing, crocheting, locker hooking, crafts, and working with my photos – are all packed up in boxes and stored on shelves in the basement or the pantry.

It’s time. It’s time to clean out the pantry. If only I knew where to start.

JoAnn ; }


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  • Jenny

    Start with makes you happy Joanne! Pick up the first thing that comes to hand. Look at it closely and figure out if it makes you happy anymore, or if it has become to own you. If it is no longer YOUR belonging and you have become its hostage, toss it! FAST. Free yourself from that bondage. You have my permission. You have the right to live and do things that are fun. You have the right to surround yourself with beauty. You are not owned by that stuff. Toss it out the window….toss it out the door…stuff it in a bag or a box and shove it at the thrift store. Give it to a neighbor, a stranger. Anyone. Tell yourself, I am blessing someone else with this wonderfiul object so I can be free. When you get stuck and can’t make a decision. Try to ask yourself the question can I be free and still have this around me? If that doesn’t work then stop and quit for the day or start in another easier area. Don’t be mean to yourself. But be firm. You are going to bring yourself to freedom and health and a new life. Change is never easy. But it is very worth it. I am going thru this now too and I know it can be done. It is possible. My house is like yours. But it is getting better. I can see the light and I am feeling better and better. Be strong. You are strong. You can do it.

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