Self Improvement

It’s Done – The Pantry Has Been Cleaned Out

I finally did it, I cleaned the pantry out. It may not seem like much, but it is a milestone in my moving forward with living and not just doing. Oh I’m still doing, doing, doing, but now there is a small corner of doing that I just lifted off my shoulders.

The weekend after my last post, Jim pulled our 90 gallon trash can to the back door and I pulled out a couple of folding tables, set them up in the dining room and living room, and then proceeded to take everything out of the pantry that didn’t belong. I put sewing and craft items that I wanted to keep on one table, other things I wanted to keep on another table, and things I wasn’t sure about on the dining table. The things I no longer had a use for I sorted into donatable items and tossed the non-donatable junk.

After two days, I ended up with a garbage can that was two-thirds full, four donation boxes and extra room in the pantry. I was actually able to put items that were cluttering my kitchen space into the pantry where it belonged and had a less cluttered space. It was very cathartic.

As with life, instead of looking at the big picture, you just have to tackle one small corner. A weight gets lifted immediately and other areas seem to fall into place.

Since it has taken me over two weeks to get this post up, you can tell that I’m still too busy to do most of the things I really enjoy doing or want to do. But this was, none-the-less, a milestone.

Now on to milestone #2.

JoAnn ; }