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It’s Time to Clean Out the Pant...

It’s Time to Clean Out the Pantry

Yes, this is my pantry. There are bits and pieces of my life scattered and stored on the shelves. There’s a sewing machine and a few sewing supplies, some craft supplies, yarns and baskets, office supplies, a foot soaker, picture frames, wrapping paper, a couple of kites, paint, glue, cleaning supplies, games, paper towels and […]

Hello world, it’s my first blog...

Hello world, it’s my first blog!

This is my very first personal blog. I’ve been going to research and set one up for years, but have been “too busy” to get it done. Seems like I’m too busy for lots of the things I’d like to do. I can’t tell you the number of unfinished projects I have stored. All things […]